Sunday School

The way you connect in the life of our church is through a Sunday School class. Crane Eater Community Church encourages our members to be involved in Sunday School. We offer Sunday School classes for any age group within your family.

We encourage every member to join a Sunday School class that matches his/her stage of life and affinity group. Our classes have been designed to facilitate relationships and intimacy in a large congregation by breaking it down into small groups. Each Sunday School class gathers together every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM EST for a time of fellowship, prayer, communication, and teaching.

They also meet at other times for social events, small group Bible studies, prayer groups, and recreation. We are convinced that by meeting in smaller, more personal, groups our congregation will better connect in heart and vision, and will facilitate biblical community.

Come and take part of Crane Eater’s Sunday School program every Sunday at 10:00 AM EST. We look forward to seeing you here.